Meet the Host - Elizabeth Cross

Elizabeth is a highly skilled television veteran in the industry with over two decades of experience in broadcasting. She has served as Host to many national television shows, was employed as a journalist for major news networks like CBS and PBS, and has written, directed, produced and even worked in film. In addition to her many accomplishments in television, Elizabeth was part of an Emmy award winning team for exceptional production and brings her masterful interview skills coupled with her natural sense of enthusiasm and fun in front of the camera for HSM.


Instinctive Interviewing

Elizabeth brings remarkable creative insight on how to present products to viewers as well as interview guests in a fun and professional way.  She has a trained eye for detail and exudes a positive upbeat vibe that translates into enthusiasm and precision on air.


Elizabeth Cross


The Good News

Elizabeth has had her share of exciting interviews, but still says one of her favorites was when television star John Schneider showed up at her Parents home in one of the few left original "General Lee" cars from "The Dukes of Hazzard" to do an interview for CBS news. After all, what girl wasn’t in love with Bo Duke, right?

Meet Co-Host Shawna Blair

As a friend and fan to the show for many years, and a former reigning Mrs. Florida, Shawna has joined the co-host seat next to Elizabeth in 2018 bringing her years of public speaking and pageantry experience to HSM. When not in front of the camera or making appearances, Shawna has been employed in social work and helping the community for nearly 20 years. Additionally, Shawna has spent hundreds of hours volunteering her time in her community and sitting on the Boards for Healthy Start Coalition, Florida Hospital Foundation, Drug Free Hardee, Rotary Club International, and Planning and Zoning. Shawna is excited to bring her brand of fun and passion of helping people and companies succeed with HSM.

Meet Co-Host Shawna Blair on HSM