Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to the most FAQ! Answering questions about the show and being featured.

What criteria do you look for to be considered to be included as a guest or how did you find me?

Guests are selected by way of our seasoned shopping analysts in the Research Department in conjunction with our Producers based on what is trending, new products to the market, and products that would be of high interest to our viewers. Potential guests are only contacted by us if we feel they would be a good fit as part of a segment we are in production for on one of our shows.

No one contacted me, but how do I apply to be featured as a guest?

Guests are either invited via invitation or can apply to be featured. If you have not received an invite, but would like to apply to be featured, simply go to our contact page here , and tell us about your company and what you would like featured and why you think you would be a good fit for a show. Please be sure to include your contact info and website for consideration.

If I am selected to appear when will I hear back from someone?

Selection to appear takes time, and if you are selected to appear and are a solid fit for our target demographic audience, a member of our staff or one of our Producers will be in contact with you to speak and find out further information. Please note, due to the number of submissions it could take up to 10 days to receive a response.

Can we still feature our products even if I am not wanting to appear on camera for an interview?

Yes, of course! The show currently offers 2 choices of format. The first is a “presentation” format where you send your product samples and the Host does the presentation for you and the second is the interview format where you bring or send your product samples and come to appear on camera with the Host for a Q and A interview. Either one of these formats are equally effective.

If we are chosen to be a guest for a spot, or decide to move forward what do we need to provide?

After being scheduled onto the program, you will begin speaking with the staff about the production timeline. Then you will be filling out a questionnaire we send you that is for our staff which aids in enabling the writers to formulate your segment and script in pre-production. You’ll also need to provide product samples, or images and any other various media assets you may have for edit team. Staff will cooperatively script the segment and you have final approval of it prior to taping.

Does the HSM staff help us in determining what to feature for our segment?

Yes, we absolutely can help you. During your conversation with members of our Team, you can inquire about their ideas and they will also want to know what your vision is for the segment and together a creative plan will be hatched!

What is the average run-time for a segment?

The average run time is anywhere from 5-6 minutes in length. Some products take more time to explain, talk about and brand and let’s face it, most guests could talk for a solid 20 minutes about their product line, but unfortunately the maximum time slot is 8 minutes.

Do you handle taking orders or fulfillment on this broadcast?

We do not handle orders or fulfillment for this broadcast.

Viewers are directed to the designated web site you select for ordering and more information. Guests are permitted to utilize other retail outlets and ones online that carry their products or outlets like Amazon for ordering and fulfillment.  

Why is there a flat rate to be featured?

In the world of business marketing and advertising, let’s face it, little to nothing is free. Whether it’s direct social media marketing which yields little response or trying to bring your website and products into being found in a sea of competitors, television and video is still King in the game. Here is the 411 on television production – it takes a team and production crew to produce, write, direct, edit and air anything professional you chose to do. Industry standards dictate that the cost for production ranges according to the above elements of production, run time and placement.

Are you one of those companies that charges 20k for a segment?

The answer is no! Anything you see out there in the way of “cost” that seems excessive for 20-30k to produce, write, direct, edit and air just a one-minute placement or segment carries a “caveat emptor” label. Steer clear and look for better ways to stretch your marketing budget with a production team that charges fairly for its services.

Once the segment is completed, will we have the ability to use it in any medium we want?

Yes, you do! You will get international licensing rights to utilize your segment in any way you wish. Our team will be sure to plan your segment by thinking outside the box so that it becomes a powerful tool in your advertising arsenal for down the road as well. Many guests utilize their segment for other avenues like trade shows, their website & Google rankings, their You Tube channel, social media, and presentations. It is a powerful tool to get you the branding and exposure you are looking for to move your business into the coveted national spotlight!